Crescendo Mods (crescendomods) wrote in sexyactionhpads,
Crescendo Mods


Sirius Black is the life of parties he's never attended.

And he' of the many awesome characters we have to over! Are you awesome? Do seek more awesomeness in your life? Do others not understand you B.A.M.F.ness? Then we need you to come and help us create so much bad-assery that the world actually implodes.

Crescendo is a B.A.M.F. AU MWPP Era game taking place in 1981 that has been going strong for over three months. We are seeking fellow Bad Asses to join in on the fun. We've had a lot of action, but we're only just beginning, and trust us, there is far more to come, so get in before you miss the real action.

Everyone kicks ass, is friendly, and we're generally just a band of misfits having a good time. So if you think you'd be a good fit, come on over. We only bite if you ask.
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