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Sexy Action Harry Potter RPG Ads

Because you need to know!

Sexy Action Harry Potter Ads!
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Welcome to Sexy Action Harry Potter Ads! (*pets southpark*) A community for all your Harry Potter RPG advertising needs. Please read all of the rules and guidelines below to help this community run smoothly, I am Kayleena and the only moderator for this community, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me Thank you.

community rules . other info
Theme - Only Harry Potter related role-play games may be advertised here. This is not a player's resource.
Posting Allowance - You can advertise twice a day. No more and not back to back or I will smite thee.
Graphics - Keep huge banners or lengthy game descriptions behind the cut. If your banner stretches this journal, I will remove the image.
Formatting - Check your HTML and make sure it works, if its not it will be deleted.
Flaming and all that jazz - Keep the drama elsewhere, plzkthnx.
RPG Rating - If your game allows mature themes, slash, violence, etc. make sure you state that.
Quality - This is a biggie for me. I'm wanting to keep this community a quality related community, so if your game is not plot oriented, or is soley focussed around how many Gryffindors Hermione can shag in three days, don't post your ad here. This community is for writers looking for games that will challenge them, not see how smutty or angstastic they are. This does not mean if your game allows slash or whatever, that you cannot post, this means I want games with substance being advertised here. Likewise, if the first sales pitch for your game tells me characters can have sex all they want and its encouraged, please, by the gods, do not post your ad here.
Flexibilty - I hold the right to change these rules any time I wish, yada, yada; fine print, and I will ban usernames if any of these rules are broken more than once.
RP Mediums Finally, you can advertise any kind of game here (journal, messageboard, MUSH etc.)
Thanks to faceon for the overrides <3